" THIS IS CHESS; NOT CHECKERS! " - Denzel Washington - "Training Day"

Our IP services team devises strategies that allow our clients to maximize the value of their IP assets. In addition to generating revenues through IP consulting engagements, The IPN partners with inventors and patent owners to monetize patent portfolios through IP licensing campaigns and enforcement capabilities.

Our objective is to provide a focused and comprehensive set of IP services that range from analysis of existing IP assets, idea creation, development, prosecution, commercialization, licensing and enforcement. The IPN provides our clients proprietary analytics, IP valuation methods, partnering opportunities, infringement tracking, patent analysis, strategies, tactics, enforcement and reporting among others.


Corporate Services

1. Develop your intellectual property from your best ideas. Using best practices, exquisite documentation and IP protection strategies. By using modern and future implementations in the most highly marketable, scalable and profitable markets we maximize your IP portfolio for your stake holders, customers and market trajectory. 

2. File patents, trademarks and copyrights where and when applicable and after exhaustive research of prior and current state-of-the-art.  Expand on any assets through the invention process in alternate markets, verticals and uses.  

3. Execute, create, manufacture and bring to market the protected inventions, content, products, or software and monetize it in as many markets as possible through licensing and other methodologies. 


Invention - Private Solar Powered Cloaking Plane - Affordable visual stealth - Achieved through revolutionary distributed projection

1. Record sky real time 2. Project sky over surface Area Using Breakthrough Materials.  

Integration Innovation; Solar Surface + Projection Surface.  Portfolio A + Portfolio B = Potential Breakthrough; What's next?


THE A.B.C's of the THE IPN...

A. Customized IP Creation Strategies that are fundamental to the development of survival and growth strategies tailored to and specifically designed for our customers’ and partners’ unique intellectual property holdings.

B. Marketing Strategy
Market utility of inventions and proper targeting of licensing efforts within enabled markets is an area where The IPN Services group can open up revenue streams from new and adjacent markets. Your “idle IP” may be among your greatest sources of future earnings, THE IPN expedites the insertion of your IP portfolio into your marketing strategy.

C. Comprehensive Innovation Strategy
Developing new products and services is key to corporate survival. Strategic innovation drives incremental innovation, from simple line extensions, to breakthrough innovations, which could open up brand new markets. The IPN Services Group helps your teams to continue to invent, develops IP and applications for licensing, commercial growth through innovation and corporate survival techniques using IP.

"Realize IPOD was a "Skunk Works" project at Apple that continued to grow and capture our resources and our imaginations adding IPHONE a progression of that." - Steve Jobs

D. Tomorrow’s Vision
Although jumping directly to tomorrow’s vision today is not tactically feasible, it anchors your marketing (B) and innovation (C) strategies so that they are aligned for future success and that your IP trajectory is one that is ahead of competitors and securing a brighter and more productive future.