Service Fee

Are you concerned that a patent for your idea is too expensive?
Patenting and maintaining Intellectual Property is generally an expensive endeavor, especially for the garage based inventor or self funded IP creator.  Through an inventor partnership with the IPN we have several options to help you fully fund your idea with limited resources and less initial upfront financial obligations.

We understand and believe that no good idea should stay an idea. We also offer partnerships for underfunded inventors and companies who need Intellectual Property for their company, but don’t know how to create it internally.  If your idea makes it past our vetting process and financing for the patent is a concern we offer a number of payment options that also leave you in complete control of the invention and its direction.

Pricing and Fee Structures
We offer a simple straight forward four phase merit based patent process and client approved fee structure, with no incentive to lure you into secondary services if a concept is deemed an unlikely candidate to receive a patent.

The validity search, concept capture, secondary recommendation and patent filing phases allow the inventor to evaluate and determine the appropriate steps at each phase of the invention process. 

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