Getting Started:

Do you have a new invention or idea you think might be patentable? You have come to the right place. The Intellectual Property Network specializes in “Ideation and Concept Innovation” and can help you take your idea from concept to a patented invention.

We are services focused and very selective of our clients:

Our main focus at the IPN is to help you turn your idea into an issued patent or design patent for your product or concept. When working with the IPN you can rest assured that you will retain complete control and 100% ownership of the idea at all phases. We have no commissioned sales staff and we don’t take a percentage cut or maintain any backend ownership of the idea. We provide you with our analysis and recommendations and the ownership and control of the idea remains yours throughout our entire process.

We don’t take every client who submits an idea and we very selectively vet each potential client and their invention idea through our initial patentability review process.  If an idea has a low potential to become a patent we pass and move on to the next opportunity. Our merit based, phased pricing business model succeeds when you are granted a patent for your product or invention.

Once a client completes our IPN initial patentability review, we initiate a formal contract based prior art and patent review process with a law firm.  We provide a range of pricing options and recommendations on which law firms we work with, and which firms have the most experience related to your invention concept. To eliminate any conflict of interest, you can even select your own firm to perform the prior art and patentability search.

Due to our rigorous vetting and IPN patentability review process, once a formal NDA is in place we rarely have to tell our customers that their idea for an invention doesn’t pass the secondary law firm initiated patentability test. If you have selected any of our premium pricing options and the chosen law firm finds that your idea isn’t a likely candidate for a patent, after we have completed our initial review process, we will give you 50% back on the initial review process fee plus our IPN patentability report, initial IPN patent documentation and the law firms prior art report stating their reason for the decision regarding the potential for non-patentability of your invention.

We offer a 4 phase pricing structure and we are always direct with our potential clients regarding the inventions potential.  If an idea won’t result in a patent for you, then no one wins. We vet our customers and only select inventions that we feel have the best chance to result in an issued patent. Once you are a partner with the IPN you can move forward knowing that you have a team behind you throughout the invention process and the patent application filing and publishing process.