Experienced inventors and entrepreneurs with a background in
Patent Ideation, Invention, Litigation and Licensing

The IPN understands inventors, because we are inventors and entrepreneurs.  Our team has a proven track record in all phases of IP creation and licensing. Our passion is helping ideas become reality, by establishing partnerships with inventors or anyone with a creative idea or an inventive personality; we can help you the inventor bring your idea to life.  

Because we are inventors we also understand the potential pitfalls of IP creation, without complete ownership of the idea and patent assignment. The most important differentiator when working with the IPN is you maintain complete ownership, assignment and control of the concept and its direction throughout every phase of our patent generation process.   

We have a refined process that helps take an idea from concept to implementation. Our combined team has more than a decade of experience in every phase of Intellectual Property creation across a vast range of patent and portfolio technologies.   

All IPN inventors, patent writers, paralegals, artists and attorneys are trained in a proprietary invention creation process utilized to help a client refine and expound upon your initial invention concept.

Our team is ready to help you, the inventor, create, capture and patent your invention idea.

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