The IPN team played a critical role in developing and monetizing numerous patents in the field of packet based communications. Issued patents: # US7560480, US11/043680, US7606217, US7336654 and 12 additional pending applications. The ‘654’ patent entitled “Portable VOIP Service Access Module” was sold for $6.5 million, thereby adding value to the entire portfolio.


The IPN developed the brand name and business strategy for a company now known as QOLPOM. The IPN created the branding and Quality of Life; Peace of Mind (QOLPOM) concept. QOLPOM is now one of the emerging leaders in the U.S. for tele-health care and services. The IPN helped our client develop a strategic partnership with Philips Corp. and we are also actively engaged in additional licensing strategies within the behavioral healthcare sector.

The IPN enabled our client’s market entrance by creating patentable proprietary behavioral health technologies through the development and launch of a web based monetization domain.

Grafton Health

The IPN partnered with our client to build patentable product concepts focused on behavioral healthcare best practices. We helped our client identify two innovative areas of concept novelty that resulted in 2 pending patents.

The R.E.B.O.O.T. Reliable Evidence Based Outcomes Technology project allowed the IPN to play a key role in the capture and development of patentable claims as a precursor to creation of a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform.  The IPN provided key development concepts for the non-for-profit company, in addition to monetization of the inventions through inventor ownership and a successful corporate spin out strategy.

The IPN also played a key role in the creation of the patent pending UKERU revolutionary restraint elimination technologies from concept to product manufacture of the physical restraining systems.  Selection of the plastics compounds and materials were also sourced for our client from a U.S. based manufacturing partner of the IPN.

La Frontera Arizona

The IPN patent process was used to create concepts focused on a home healthcare system and apparatus.  The IPN played a key role in the creation of an IP portfolio in the field of networked mobile sensors tied to behavioral health management and advanced prescription medicine distribution systems and methods. 

The IPN also helped its partner in the development of a revenue generation process through its corporate structure that also protected our partner’s non-for-profit business status.

The IPN can assist in generating revenue from IP spinoffs into separate limited liability corporations structured for sustainable revenue growth.


The IPN team played a critical role in the patent creation and development of monetization strategies that provided critical patented product protection for one of the world’s leading accessibility platform.

Our team played key roles as named inventor, technologist and team members in the creation of an extensive U.S. and International patent portfolio.

Issues trademarks: Equal Access for All®, AudioEye® and What Accessibility should be®

Issued patents:# US7966184, US7653544, US8046229, US8296150, US8260616, US8589169 and counting, 13 additional Pending applications.


Creation of leading patent portfolio taking one patent and through invention process creating over 300 claimed inventions within U.S. and International patents.  Creation of the following trademarks and patents protecting industry leading mobile marketing technologies:

AD LIFE®, BOOMBOX®, AD SERVE® Trademarks of Hipcricket Inc. and the following U.S. Patents: 6,594,691; 7,269,636; 7,460,480; 7,606,217; 7,676,599; 7,782,878; 7,783,721; 7,831,690; 7,957,401; 7,958,081; 8,069,168; 8,069,169; 8,219,642, 8,335,232; 8,379,634; 8,407,220; 8,447,510; 8,458,294; 8,606,874; 8,504,048; 8,539,043; and over 50 patents pending domestically and internationally.


The IPN team has been an integral part of not only protecting my intellectual property, but assisting me in manifesting it into reality in the marketplace. My Sam Ant brand, iBG brand, and related areas have expanded in scope and impact.
If you’re looking to take your ideas and businesses to a new level, you need to connect with the IPN.

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